Clear Bauble Craft Ideas?


What can I put in a clear bauble?

Our “Fill your own” Clear glass baubles will add a touch of magic to any Christmas tree and you can make them your very own by filling with your choice of ingredients – glitter, beads, coloured paper, string, or even artificial snow or dried flowers. A lovely way to add your own style to your Christmas decorations.

What can I do with plastic baubles?

25 Plastic Ball Ornament Decorating Ideas that are Fun and Easy

  1. 25 Ideas to Decorate Clear Plastic Ball Ornaments. Fill With Miniature Christmas Craft Supplies. Create a Snowy Look on the Outside. Use Sea Salt for an Icy Look.
  2. Decorate with Melted Crayons. Kid-Friendly Grinch Ball Ornament. Paint a Cute and Simple Penguin.

What can you make with clear ornaments?

20 Elegantly Adorable Ways to Fill Clear Ornaments

  1. Epsom Salts & Music Sheet Ornaments via Yellow Bliss Road.
  2. Pine Spray Ornaments at
  3. Book Page Stars Ornament at The Cheese Thief.
  4. Beachy Ornaments from BeachGrassCottage on Etsy.
  5. DIY Snowglobe Ornaments at DIY Inspired.
  6. Handmade Tree Ornament at Craftberry Bush.
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How do you fill clear ornaments with glitter?

Beacon Glitter It

  1. Pour a small amount of glue inside the ornament. Lightly swirl the glue around to cover the entire area inside.
  2. Pour glitter into the ornament and swirl around until it’s fully covered. My kids loved this part!

How do you paint the outside of clear plastic ornaments?


  1. Remove the tops from the ornaments. Before you can add paint to the inside of your clear glass or plastic Christmas ornaments, you will need to remove the caps.
  2. add paint to the ornaments.
  3. Roll and tilt.
  4. Let the Ornaments Dry.
  5. decorate your ornaments.

What do you fill clear plastic ornaments with?

Turn your ornament into a practical gift by filling it with something the recipient can use. Just make sure before you fill it with yummy edibles that you thoroughly wash (and dry) the ornament. Besides hot cocoa, you can fill it with bath salts, stuff it with M&Ms or other candies, or insert loose leaf tea.

How do you decorate a Christmas bauble?

40 Stunning Christmas Baubles Decoration Ideas

  1. Hang Them From The Stairs: Source.
  2. Decorate The Wine Bottles: Source.
  3. Baubles Wreath: Source.
  4. Baubles In The Pot: Source.
  5. Baubles On The Front Door: Source.
  6. Hang Baubles From The Window: Source.
  7. Another Idea For The Windows: Source.
  8. Baubles In A Lantern: Source.

How do you make clear glass?

Clear Glass is made by putting Glass, Glass Panes, Glass Bottles, or Sand in the Smeltery and melting it down. This yields Liquid Glass, which can then either be poured into a Casting Basin to make Clear Glass, or into a Casting Table to make Clear Glass Pane.

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How do you make glitter ornaments with Elmer’s glue?

Mix water and glue to make it fairly runny. Pour inside blanket ornament and turn ball to get the glue mixture to coat the entire inside of the ornament. Dump out extra. Pour fine glitter inside using a funnel or folded paper, shake to evenly distribute glitter onto the glue.

Can I use polyurethane for glitter ornaments?

What a disaster! Then, I came across a new method that calls for using gloss finish polyurethane. As it turns out, it’s super easy and it works really well. Follow the easy steps below and you can easily make these fun, shiny, glittering ornaments.

Can you use Mod Podge for glitter ornaments?

Mod Podge Glitter Ornaments Use clear glass ornaments, your favorite colors of glitter and some Mod Podge and you can create the most beautiful ornaments! First remove the silver tops from the ornament and then pour in Mod Podge. Swirl the adhesive around until the entire interior of the ornament is covered with glue.

Can you use Elmer’s glue for glitter ornaments?

I experimented with several types of glue and found Elmer’s Glue to be the far-and-away best. You should use a sponge brush to paint the glue all over the ornament. Liberally sprinkle glitter all over the wet glue. I make sure a large piece of paper is laid out, so I can collect the fallen glitter afterwards for reuse.

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