Coffee Cup Craft Ideas?


What can you make out of coffee cups?


  • Make them into decorative candles or candle holders.
  • Make mug cakes or one cup cookies.
  • Turn them into planters for herbs or cuttings.
  • Fill them with chocolate, tea bags, cookies, etc as a gift to a friend.
  • Organize my makeup.
  • To hold sweetener packets.

What can I put in a coffee cup for a gift?

Branded Bouquets: 12 Cool and Unique Ways to Give a Promotional Coffee Mug

  • Give It with Cake. The whole “cake in a mug ” thing is all the rage right now.
  • Fill It with Pencils.
  • Fill It with Tea.
  • Give Them to Yourself.
  • Make Some Snowman Soup.
  • Create a Mug Planter.
  • Bouquet of Cinnamon Buns.
  • Include a Kit for Crafty Folks.

What can you do with old mugs?

24 New Uses For Mugs That You ‘ll Absolutely Love

  1. Upcycle your mug into a candle holders.
  2. Mugs are the perfect size for planting herbs.
  3. One of the best uses for mugs is as a soup bowl.
  4. Reuse your mug to make a deliciously easy treat.
  5. Upcycle your mug into a cold recovery kit.
  6. Encourage generosity with a tip collector.
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How do you decorate a plain coffee mug?

  1. UPDATE:
  2. Step 1: Wash and dry your mug, if new.
  3. Step 2: Use a pencil to rough out a design for any words or lines.
  4. Step 3: Carefully draw your design with Sharpie paint markers.
  5. Step 4: Add accent colors, if necessary.
  6. Step 5: Bake mugs at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to set paint; let cool completely.

What do you do with a mug you don’t want?

Here are a few mug upcycling and reuse ideas to try:

  1. House Plant Cuttings For Gifts.
  2. Coffee mug gifts for friends and family.
  3. Coffee Mug Mosaics.
  4. More Decluttering Tips.
  5. Use them for storage.
  6. Warm someone up who really needs it.
  7. Bake someone a birthday cake.
  8. Turn it into a coffee mug bird feeder.

What can I do with old tea cups and saucers?

From Tea to Décor: 25 Gorgeous Projects to Upcycle Old Teacups

  1. Cake/Cupcake Stand.
  2. Flying Flower Teacups.
  3. Curtain Tiebacks.
  4. Teacup Candles.
  5. Sconce Planter.
  6. Lamp Stand.
  7. String Lights.
  8. Bird Feeder.

Is a mug a good gift?

A mug is a gift that has so many possibilities. Choosing gifts can be difficult. Many people have everything they need, so by giving something personal to them it will mean a great deal. Mugs are used throughout the day, from breakfast time through to supper.

How do you wrap a mug without a gift box?

Wrap a layer of cellophane over the tissue paper. Place the mug over a square of cellophane as large as the tissue squares and wrap it around your mug just as you did with the tissues. Choose a cellophane square tinted in a color of your choice for decorative purposes.

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What do you put in a hug in a mug?

Fluffy Socks. Fluffy enough to give your feet a hug but compact enough to fit into a mug. Hot Chocolate Sachet or Individually wrapped tea bag. While your gift recipient may be an avid coffee fiend, including a hot chocolate sachet or speciality tea may encourage them to take a minute and relax.

What is the most expensive Starbucks mug?

And people aren’t put off by the hefty price tag: In fact, the $150 hot bevvy tumbler is officially SOLD OUT on Starbucks’s website.

How do you dispose of coffee mugs?

Getting Rid of the Mugs. Donate the old coffee mugs to a thrift store. If your mugs are perfectly fine but unwanted, donating them is a good option. Thrift stores that sell housewares will usually accept donations of unwanted mugs, but it doesn’t hurt to ask any local thrift store.

How do you reuse a takeaway coffee cup?

Use it as a scoop: Wash and dry your coffee cup, and use it as a scoop for pet food or garden dirt. Shred it and mix it into your compost: Compost needs a certain amount of dry material. A lot of folks add shredded newspaper, shredded leaves, or sawdust to their compost as dry material.

What kind of paint will stay on ceramic mugs?

Acrylic paint is also suitable for most ceramic mugs. However, some acrylics are designed specifically for unglazed ceramics. Check the label before purchasing. After you paint your mug and allow it to dry, use a clear sealant to add shine and prevent the acrylic paint from cracking.

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How do you permanently paint a mug?

Method 2 of 3: Painting with Paint Pens

  1. Pencil a design outline on your mug.
  2. Paint pen the first layer on the mug.
  3. Add more layers of paint.
  4. Erase and or rub mistakes with a rubbing alcohol soaked Q-Tip.
  5. Air-dry the mug for at least 24 hours.
  6. Bake the mug at 375 °F (191 °C) for 25 minutes.

Do Sharpie mugs wash off?

I can tell you from experience that a regular Sharpie, baked or unbaked, will just wash right off the mug. You HAVE TO use an oil-based paint Sharpie. This will help make your design permanent. After you’ve designed the mug in oil-based Sharpie, you’ll need to let the design dry for at least 24 hours.

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