Cookie Tin Craft Ideas?


What can I do with used cookie tins?

You can decorate them with paint, fabrics & trims or paper. Nice for keepsake boxes, gift sewing kits, and special gift containers. You can also paint them to make cute kitchen accessories, who needs store bought canisters when you can design your own with recycled tins!

What can I do with empty Christmas tins?

8 Clever Things to Do With Empty Christmas Tins

  1. Chalkboard Snack Storage. Cover your tin in chalkboard paint and turn it into versatile snack storage for your pantry.
  2. Rope-Wrapped Catch-Alls.
  3. Countertop Container Set.
  4. Vinyl Lettering Personalized Bin.
  5. Backyard Charcoal Bucket.
  6. Glam Kitty Food Container.
  7. Closet Shelf Storage.

Do cookie tins rust?

Unless the metal constituting a decorative tin is galvanized, it can easily play host to blooms of rust, which can spread and corrode your collectible before you know it. And if a tin gets wet, dry it right away and then reapply lacquer or wax if needed.

How do you arrange cookies in a tin?

Line the bottom and sides of a square or rectangular airtight tin with corrugated paper. Fold short lengths in half for dividers. Envelop your cookies in tissue paper, buffer them with corrugated paper tubes, or protect them using accordion-folds of paper. You can also tie a stack of cookies with baker’s twine.

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Can you paint a cookie tin?

YES Sand the tin lightly with sandpaper! This will allow the paint to stick really good!

Can I recycle a metal cookie tin?

Steel cans and metal food tins are definitely recyclable, but whether or not you should put them in your curbside recycling pickup depends on your community and whether you do single stream recycling (all materials are placed in one bin rather than separated by type of material).

Are tin cookie containers recyclable?

Cookie, biscuit and cake tins are accepted in all local recycling programs, provided they are empty, clean and dry.

Can you paint a popcorn tin?

Those metal popcorn tins can easily be transformed into these amazing kitchen canisters. Just paint those tins with chalkboard spray paint and add what’s inside in chalk.

Can I recycle a popcorn tin?

However, what you can and can ‘t recycle may surprise you. For example, you can recycle cardboard boxes, paper gift bags, tissue paper, greeting cards, popcorn tins, and pie plates.

What can I make with a tin of popcorn?

There are even more ideas to upcycle popcorn tins:

  1. Chalkboard Planter.
  2. Decorative Storage.
  3. Craft Storage.
  4. Drum Set toys.
  5. Floor Lamp.
  6. Pet Food Storage.
  7. Bread Storage.
  8. Rocket Stove.

How do you dispose of old biscuit tins?

Biscuit tins (metal and plastic) can be disposed of in your local council’s kerbside residual bin or at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. METAL FACTS: The kerbside recycling process is only designed to sort steel and aluminium cans and tins and they should be empty and rinsed clean of food / liquid.

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How can I reuse tin cans?

11+ Ways To Reuse A Tin Can

  1. Caddy: I love this idea to reuse a tin can.
  2. Pen & Pencil Holder: One such use is a pencil or pen holder.
  3. Candle Holder: With a little creativity, your cans can be used as a makeshift candle holder.
  4. Candle:
  5. Planter:
  6. Wine Rack:
  7. Pet Food Storage Container:
  8. Vase:

How do you reuse cookie boxes?

How To Repurpose Empty Cookie Tins

  1. First, remove the lids from the tin cans and any sticky lables.
  2. Next, using a tape measure, measure the circumference of the cookie tin.
  3. Next, measure the diameter of the empty cookie tin lid.

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