FAQ: Advent Calendar Craft Ideas For Children?


How do you make an Advent calendar for kids?

Make Your Own Advent Calendar You can take small boxes and with the help of a needle and thread tie baker’s twine through the lids. This way all the boxes will hang with the thread. Fill each and every box with some toys or small candies. Write numbers on all the boxes and paint them according to your wish.

What can I put in my own Advent calendar?

Here’s 30 Advent calendar gifts ideas and fillers.

  1. Chocolate or candy.
  2. A holiday joke.
  3. Ornament to hang on the tree.
  4. Handwritten poem, quote, or saying.
  5. Lip balm or hand sanitizer (holiday scents are fun!)
  6. Hair accessories or hairbrush (we love this ‘no tangles’ hairbrush)

How do you make an easy Advent calendar?

Convert old boxes, wood drawers, and coffee cans into a fun countdown calendar. Fill each can and box with a Christmas treat, and then paint red, orange, and white stripes. Cut out numbers 1-24 from construction paper, attach to each of the boxes and cans, and then stack on your desk.

What can I put in a homemade advent calendar for my boyfriend?


  1. Socks (Pair of socks, multiples, etc).
  2. Underwear: Boxers/Briefs (just like socks, they can always use new underwear), this brand is the best.
  3. 6 Pack of his favourite beer.
  4. A Christmas Blu-ray movie/digital movie code to watch.
  5. A handwritten love note.
  6. His favourite chocolate.
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What is an Advent Christmas calendar?

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

What can I put in my advent calendar besides candy?

Simple items to unwrap or open each day:

  • A different color embroidery floss (for making friendship bracelets)
  • A sock (split up the pairs!)
  • Coins.
  • Holiday-themed lego pieces (complete a mini-set by the end – love these cute reindeer and tree options)
  • Small holiday or other books.

Do you start at 24 or 1 on an advent calendar?

It starts at 1 and goes to 24. Advent calendars typically don’t follow the period of Advent described above. Instead, they begin on December 1 and mark the 24 days before Christmas. Today, most Advent calendars include paper doors that open to reveal an image, Bible verse, or piece of chocolate.

How do you make a paper Advent calendar?

Fill 24 paper cups with leftover Halloween candy and glue numbered paper over the top to cover the candy to make this paper cup countdown calendar. Use a frame and small wrapped boxes to make this Advent calendar. Number the little squares of hard shell gum in 2 packs to make this pocket gum Advent Calendar. Creative!

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