FAQ: Craft Ideas For Easter Children?


How do you make an Easter special at home?

At Home Easter Activities

  1. Backyard Easter Egg Hunt. If you have a backyard, or a field available, you can easily set up your own Easter egg hunt!
  2. Get Easter Delivered.
  3. Stream Easter Service.
  4. Video Chat with the Easter Bunny.
  5. Easter Cake Kit.
  6. Send Easter Cards.
  7. Dye Easter Eggs.
  8. Make Easter Treats.

What can I make with paper for Easter?


  • Bunny Bow Printable Favor Bags (via hello, Wonderful)
  • Paper Easter Eggs (via Craft & Creativity)
  • Easter Paper Egg Art (via The Proper Blog)
  • Paper Birds Nests (via Vitamini Handmade)
  • Origami Easter Bunny Baskets (via Studio DIY)
  • Bunny Paper Bookmark (via hello, Wonderful)

What is there to do with kids on Easter?

Banish Easter holiday boredom with our ten Easter activities for children.

  • Bake some goodies. Get baking for some egg-cellent fun this Easter!
  • Get sporty.
  • Be crafty.
  • Spring clean – then have a sale!
  • Volunteer to help out.
  • Go for a day out.
  • Create an Easter egg hunt.
  • Explore the great outdoors.
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How do you make an Easter egg craft?

Have an egg -tastic time!

  1. 01 of 09. Plastic Easter Egg Flowers. Make and Takes.
  2. 02 of 09. Easy Paper Easter Wreath.
  3. 03 of 09. Neon Puffy Paint Easter Eggs.
  4. 04 of 09. Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs.
  5. 05 of 09. Button Easter Egg.
  6. 06 of 09. Crushed Egg Shells Craft.
  7. 07 of 09. “All Ears” Easter Craft.
  8. 08 of 09. Easy DIY Egg Garland.

How can I surprise my kids for Easter?

Give each kid a list of different items such as two golden eggs, three eggs filled with a coin, a chocolate bunny, etc. When they find everything on the list, give a final clue that leads them to their Easter baskets. Use photos or drawings for kids who can’t read yet.

How do kids celebrate Easter at home?

Here are 15 ways to make this an Easter to remember:

  1. Host a virtual Easter egg hunt.
  2. Adopt a bunny.
  3. Decorate your home with reusable stickers.
  4. Take family pictures.
  5. Decorate eggs.
  6. Make bunny shaped breakfast.
  7. Attend virtual religious services.
  8. Make flower crowns.

What are some good Easter crafts?

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

  • Paper Plate Easter Bunny.
  • Pom Pom Easter Bunny Handprint Card.
  • Egg Carton Bunny.
  • Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny.
  • Easter Bunny Bobble Craft.
  • Bunny Template – use this template to create any Easter Bunny craft you can think of!
  • Paper Bunny Craft.

How do you make easy Easter crafts for kids?

From egg carton chicks to cotton ball bunnies to q-tip sheep, there are tons of Easter craft ideas here to inspire you.

  1. Lolly Pop Bunnies.
  2. Paper Roll Chicks.
  3. Paper Lilies Made from a Traced Hand Print.
  4. Peek-a-boo Clothespin Eggs.
  5. Clothespin Bunnies.
  6. Cupcake Liner Spring Flowers.
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What do you put inside Easter eggs?

25 Things to put in Easter Eggs

  • money (coins, bills, whatever…)
  • rings.
  • necklaces.
  • bracelets.
  • earrings.
  • stickers.
  • erasers.
  • puzzles pieces ( it will take a couple eggs, but when they find them all, they have a puzzle to put together)

How do you make Easter fun in lockdown?

Check out our favourite Easter activities to try at home below.

  1. #1. Decorate eggs.
  2. #2. Have an indoor Easter egg hunt.
  3. #3. Do Easter -themed arts and crafts.
  4. #4. Watch Easter -themed movies.
  5. #5. Dress up!
  6. #6. Cook an Easter meal.
  7. #7. Whip up some Easter -themed snacks.
  8. #8. See your family and friends virtually.

What do you eat on Easter Sunday?

62 Delicious Easter Dinner Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

  • of 62. Best-Ever Glazed Spiral Ham. An Easter Sunday must!
  • of 62. Pizza Rustica.
  • of 62. Garlic Rosemary Pork Roast.
  • of 62. Prime Rib.
  • of 62. Lemony Asparagus Pasta.
  • of 62. Braised Lamb Shank.
  • of 62. Roast Chicken.
  • of 62. Potatoes Au Gratin.

What can I do Easter weekend?

20 Eggcellent Things To Do Over The Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

  • Trade your traditional Easter dessert for these homemade Portuguese custard tarts.
  • Meet The Easter Bunny at this virtual Easter hunt.
  • Reward yourself with these adorable Easter chick bao buns from BAO.
  • Indulge in a good ol’ Sunday roast on Easter.

How do you make a toddler Easter special?


  1. Run an Easter egg hunt.
  2. Make some crafty Easter masks.
  3. Do some Easter egg baking.
  4. Try make these salt dough nests.
  5. Or eat these easy Easter nests.
  6. Coo at cute animals.
  7. Play a bunny hop sack race.
  8. Paint real eggs.
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How do you decorate paper Easter eggs?


  1. 1Print out the egg templates.
  2. 2Draw on the eggs.
  3. 3Color the eggs.
  4. 4Try other decorating ideas.
  5. Try some sponge brushes – use sponge brushes and roller brushes to paint the eggs.
  6. Roll up some crepe paper – make “crayons” out of crepe paper by cutting 2″ wide strips and rolling each strip tightly like a cigar.

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