FAQ: Craft Ideas For Lamp Shades?


What can you make out of old lamp shades?

Things to Do With Old Lampshades – Salvaged Living

  • Lamp Redo. Lamp Makeover. Furniture Makeover.
  • Decorating On A Budget. Interior Decorating.
  • Lamp Redo. Lampshade Redo.
  • Lamp Makeover. Furniture Makeover.
  • Cover Lampshade. Make A Lampshade.
  • Lamp Redo. Lampshade Redo.
  • Doilies Crafts. Lace Doilies.
  • Recover Lamp Shades. Bedside Lamps Shades.

How can I make my lampshade look better?

Thread and Needle Shade Find a plain lampshade and use the floss and a needle to make trendy geometric patterns. Make sure all tied ends stay on the inside of the lampshade. These contrasting colors pop against the white fabric, and the freshly painted lamp base looks sharp.

What kind of paint do you use on a lampshade?

Acrylic paint will give your lampshade the most solid looking coat. Fabric paint is similar to acrylic paint, but it will have a less stiff-looking finish since it is designed specifically to soak into fabric easily.

How can I make a homemade lamp?


  1. Drill a hole through the center of the item you’re using as a base.
  2. Stain or paint the wooden button caps to match your base.
  3. Using a hacksaw, cut the lamp rod to the desired length and file off any rough edges.
  4. To make the lamp cord easier to thread through the rod, place masking tape around the end or the cord.
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Can you cover a lampshade with material?

Adding a fun fabric to a lampshade creates a great focal point to the room. Match the fabric of your favorite pillow or complement the lamp base for a bold look. Totally customizable and original- this project is a way to put your mark on a room!

Can you paint a lampshade with chalk paint?

The thing with Chalk Paint is that you can paint on virtually any surface. One coat of French Linen was applied using an Annie Sloan Paint Brush and this covered the original dark green colour well. The shade is ready to use once its dry.

What can I put over a lamp to dim it?

Frosted Scotch Tape: Semi-frosted office tape will do the trick to dim standby lights, too. It might not be the most polished solution, but it will be the quickest one if you find yourself with sudden insomnia at 3 a.m. Layer it on for more effectiveness. …or, just learn how to disable them.

Is it OK to paint a lampshade?

When a fabric lampshade looks dingy, a paper lampshade needs a shot of color, or a metal lampshade is dated, you can use paint as an inexpensive design trick to give the lampshade new life. Save even more by using leftover paint from another project in a color that works for your “new” lamp.

Can you decorate lamp shades?

Shades – especially DIY lamp shades – are a creative and cost-effective way to do so. If you ‘re ready to decorate, start by purchasing the lampshade you want. By taking a plain lampshade and giving it a stylish makeover, you get a standout piece of decor for your lighting.

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What fabric is safe for lampshades?

The Outer Fabric The best fabrics for making your own lampshades are those made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen. Select a fabric that can be ironed; otherwise, it won’t look smooth when you adhere it to the styrene.

What are the two types of lamp shades?

There are basic lamp base types: round, square or angular and candlestick. In general, follow these designer rules for pairing a lamp shade with a base: Round bases: Pairs well with round or hexagonal shades. Square or angular bases: Pairs well with square or rectangular shades.

Do lamp shades need to be fire retardant?

Lampshade materials should be tested for fire resistance to comply with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaries. If you make lampshades with our PVC based products, they will be fire resistant because our PVC has been tested with the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test.

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