FAQ: Craft Ideas For Vases?


What to do with empty vases?

Top 10 Ways to Up-Cycle an Old Flower Vase:

  • Make a Terrarium. Trendy, easy to care for, essential for any kitchen or bathroom window…and you can make your own!
  • Fish Vase.
  • Candle Holder.
  • Create your very own herb garden.
  • Fruit Display.
  • Candy Bowl.
  • Display your wine cork collection.
  • Coffee pod case.

How do you decorate a plain vase?

5 Quick, Easy Ways To Decorate Plain Vases

  1. Utilize fun colored and patterned masking tape.
  2. Make it vintage with some doilies.
  3. Wrap it in unused yarn.
  4. Get craft with clay.
  5. Use some pretty ribbons.

What do you put in vases for decorations?

10 Fresh Ways to Dress Up Plain Glass Vases

  • Fruit Wheels. Combine floral and fruit for a fun, unexpected arrangement.
  • Floating Fronds. Looking for a minimalist approach to a centerpiece?
  • Candy Toppings.
  • Monstera.
  • Floral Wreath.
  • Lavender.
  • Seeds and Succulents.
  • Colored Beans.

What can I put in vases instead of flowers?

7 Vase Filler Ideas That Aren’t Flowers

  1. A Singular Green Leaf. Make a strong minimalist statement!
  2. Balls of Yarn. Balls of yarn or twine make for a very charmingly rustic display.
  3. Wine Corks.
  4. Twigs or Branches.
  5. Coffee Beans.
  6. Paper Pages.
  7. Just Your Vase.
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Can you decorate with empty vases?

Glass vases work well as bookends. You can fill them or leave them empty, but they work well and look great. You can easily update them with different seasonal themes.

What can I use instead of a vase?

Perfect for matching flowers with different styles of interior!

  • Wine Bottles. If you’ve got an empty wine bottle (or two) lying around, you can upcycle them to create a DIY vase for flowers.
  • Pitchers.
  • Mason Jars.
  • Wellington Boots.
  • Tin Cans.
  • Teapots.
  • Watering Cans.
  • Buckets.

How do you make homemade vase?

How to make handmade flower vase

  1. Using a balloon and tissue paper ( paper mache technique) I made the body of the vase. Stick the tissue paper to the balloon with glue and water mixture and let it dry overnight.
  2. Cut the holes of the party popper’s diameter.

How do you update a vase?

Vase Makeover Materials Suggested:

  1. Vases – Ceramic, terracotta, or glass will all work.
  2. Paint – I used Fusion Mineral paint on the ceramic vase and acrylic craft paint on the jute-covered vase. If painting glass, you’ll want to use a primer and spray paint.
  3. Glaze or polyurethane.
  4. Jute twine.
  5. Hot glue gun and hot glue.

How can I make my vase look better?

How to Make a Clear Vase Look Better

  1. Bring on the Color. Updating clear glass with a new coat of paint is probably the easiest way to give the glass a fresh start.
  2. Create a Classic. Milk glass is not only trendy, it is also classic.
  3. Go (Faux) Upscale.
  4. Play With Paper.
  5. Etching the Easy Way.
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How do you make fake flowers stand up straight in a vase?

Before putting your flowers in a vase, add several drops of vodka and a teaspoon of white sugar, which delays wilting. When your flowers eventually do start to die (sad face), add a shot of vodka into the water and the stems will stand up straight again for a day or two.

What can I put in glass apothecary jars?

Glass apothecary jars make great table decorations. Arrange them in the middle of your table descending from the largest to the smallest jar. Fill them with beautiful flowers, ribbons, jellybeans, spices, or scented candles, whatever fits the mood. You can always change the ornamentation as the need arises.

How do I display vase collection?

Create a showstopper with these beautiful vase displays

  1. Colour coordinate the vase with the vine.
  2. Stack them up high.
  3. Enjoy a little Easter influence.
  4. Personalise your displays.
  5. Mismatch the colours.
  6. Serve in a teacups.
  7. Show off something other than flowers.
  8. Create a uniformed look.

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