FAQ: Metal Stamping Craft Ideas?


What can you make with metal stamping?

With just a few whacks of the hammer and a set of alphabet metal stamps, you can add any message (love, encouragement, personalization) or milestone date to a stamped necklace, bracelet, ring, charm, or any other piece of jewelry. Here are some of my favorite ideas for stamping meaningful metal jewelry (or even wood!

Can you use a regular hammer for metal stamping?

In addition to your metal stamps, you ‘ll need just a couple of basic metal stamping tools: A metal hammer with a flat face; I use a regular hardware-store hammer. A fairly heavy hammer that’s still comfortable for you to use can make your stampings turn out better.

What is the best metal to use for stamping jewelry?

Copper is a pure metal that can be stamped into a variety of parts on its own, but it is also useful for its alloys. Copper alloys include versatile metals such as brass, bronze, nickel silver, and more. This versatility makes copper and its alloys some of the best materials for metal stamping.

What is the best hammer to use for metal stamping?

Brass heads work great for striking metal stamps – in fact we recommend always using brass hammers to hit steel stamps. Since brass is a softer metal than steel, this helps prevent your stamps from being damaged. Steel heads come in several styles including chasing hammers and ball pein hammers.

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What kind of marker do you use for metal stamping?

All you need is a black Sharpie marker (or other dark, thin paint or patina solution) and a polishing cloth. Trace in the stamped letters and then wipe off excess with the cloth.

Can you use regular washers for metal stamping?

You ‘ll need washers, a steel stamp set, hammer, and a permanent sharpie marker. You can use any size washer you want, but I used 1/4 inch washers for the small ones and 5/8 inch washers for the large ones.

Can you stamp aluminum?

Since aluminum is flexible and malleable, metal stamping can form aluminum and aluminum alloys into complex geometric shapes. Aluminum alloy applications include, but are not limited to, the following: Aluminum cans. Aerospace.

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