FAQ: Rubber Stamping Craft Ideas?


What is rubber stamp craft?

Adorn your scrapbooks, correspondence, and DIY projects in style with adorable craft stamps! Creating and crafting has never been so easy. Sending letters or adding the finishing touches to your baby book are the perfect occasions to use decorative rubber stamps. Just choose your ink color.

What ink do you use for rubber stamps?

Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Ink ® is mainly used for blending and creating aged effects for backgrounds, but can also be used with rubber stamps. Distress ink is an acid-free, non-toxic, fade-resistant water-based ink.

What ink is used for rubber stamping?

Best Ink Pads for Rubber Stamping

Rank Product Key Features
1. Ranger Archival Ink Pad Acid-free, waterproof, dye ink
2. VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad Acid-free, clear pigment ink
3. Avery Carter’s Foam Stamp Pad Bold color, re-inkable
4. Lsushine Craft Ink Pad Multi-surface compatible, 15 colors


Are rubber stamps still used?

Today, rubber stamps are used for backgrounds, journaling, card making, and decorative elements on scrapbook pages.

What can I use as a stamp?

The cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls make a great source of material for stamping. The cardboard rolls can be used to stamp a variety of shapes onto a page. While the basic shape of the cardboard roll is a circle, you can pinch and pull the cardboard tube to create different shapes.

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What is the difference between clear and cling stamps?

Clear -Mount Stamps and now the NEW Cling Stamps. Cling Stamps and clear -mount stamps are an option that offers a compact storage solution and is great for those who prefer repositionable stamps with fewer blocks. Note, the clear -mount style of stamp will be discontinued on 3 June 2019, replaced by Cling Stamps.

What can you use rubber stamps for?

So, what do I use rubber stamps for in my studio? Aside from using them in board books and scrapbooking for dimensional elements, I use them with clay! They make great embossing tools for polymer clay, and the same tips apply – use baby wipes between clay colors, use even pressure and have fun!

What does rubber stamp mean in politics?

A rubber stamp, as a political metaphor, refers to a person or institution with considerable de jure power but little de facto power — one that rarely or never disagrees with more powerful organizations.

What is a digital rubber stamp?

Digital stamps, or digi stamps, are black and white digital images that are downloaded onto a computer where they can be manipulated before printing out. At their most basic, when they are printed out digital stamps are just like traditional rubber or clear stamped images.

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