Leather Cord Craft Ideas?


What can I do with a leather cord?

Round leather cord is a leather material shaved into a long, thin, cylindrical shape. It works well for lacing, braiding, jewelry-making, personal accessories, and accents for clothing.

Can you glue beads to leather?

You only need enough glue to wet the area that is to be adhered. Put a drop or two of super glue into the clasp (metal part) and then insert the leather. The glue sets up very fast so you will need to check and reinsert it very quickly. Be careful!

What is Greek leather cord?

Leather Cord has been a traditional beading cord for hundreds of years. When it comes to leather cord, Greek Leather is of the highest quality. Known for its smooth finish, consistent color, and supple texture, Greek Leather Cord is perfect for beading applications and Native American designs.

How do you fasten a cord bracelet?

How To Make A Sliding Knot

  1. Cross the left cord over the right cord.
  2. Thread the left cord around and under so that it is coming back towards you.
  3. Thread the cord back over to create a loop.
  4. Repeat this process to create two loops – try to ensure your second loop is to the left of your first loop.

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