Often asked: Christmas Craft Ideas Pine Cones?


What can I do with my pine cones?

38 Remarkable Pinecone Crafts

  • Yo-Yo Trees. These cute little pinecone trees are so fun with the yo-yos.
  • DIY Turkeys. The kids will love making these quirky turkeys.
  • Crystal-Encrusted Pinecones.
  • Bleached Pinecones.
  • Glitter Cones.
  • Natural Bird Feeder.
  • Pinecone Reindeer.
  • Glamorous Pinecones.

How do you make pine cone decorations?


  1. Make your ears. Paint two large pine cone scales with brown around the outside and white in the middle.
  2. Make your face. Using a small paintbrush, paint a small nose at the tip of the acorn hat.
  3. Curl a tail.
  4. If you’re using PVA glue, leave it to dry for a few hours or overnight and then you’re finished!

Can you decorate with pine cones year round?

Decorating with things from nature is one of my favorite ways to add texture and color to my home. Pinecones can be used year round, not just during the holidays, as beautiful home décor. But I do love to use them a lot in my holiday decorating, too.

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How do you make pine cones look snowy?

A generous sprinkle of Epsom salts after brushing the tops of pine cones with white school glue gives them an icy, frosted appearance.

Can I grow a tree from a pine cone?

You can ‘t plant a pine cone and expect it to grow. By the time you gather cones that fall from the tree, the seeds have probably already been released from the cone. Even if the seeds in the cones are at the exact perfect stage of ripeness, sprouting pine cones by planting entire pine cones still won’t work.

Do squirrels eat pine cones?

Squirrels eat pine cones and, in most circumstances, they will go for the green pine cones, which are high in nutrition. Brown pine cones are also edible to squirrels and provide some nutritional benefits.

How do you paint pine cones for Christmas?

There are two easy ways to paint pine cones: you can dip them in latex or acrylic paint, or spray them with spray- paint. Dipping pine cones gives them a vivid, consistent color, while spray painting them makes them look lightly frosted.

How do I attach ribbon to pine cones?

Simply screw in your eye hook to the center of the bottom of each dry pine cone and thread the ribbon through. I tied a pine cone to each end of the ribbon, hung them on a hook, and adjusted each length as I went along. I also added some plastic gems for some bling!

Can you eat a pine cone?

So, Can People Eat Pine Cones or What? The truth is that all parts of certain pine trees, including the pine cone, are indeed edible. This includes: pine cones, needles, the inner layer of pine bark (not the outer layer!), resin, the pine pollen (secret superfood!), and the pine nuts.

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Are pine cones seasonal?

But besides adding to the holiday cheer, pine cones have an important job. They protect the pine tree seeds from cold, ice, wind, and hungry animals.

Are pine cones only for winter?

We see pinecones everywhere during the winter —in wreaths, on trees and in our yards. The best time to collect pine cones is in early summer, when they are freshly fallen from the trees. At this time of year they are likely to be grubby and discoloured, but there is a solution.

How do you make colored pine cones?

The Process

  1. Pour 1/2 gallon of hot water into the bucket.
  2. Add 1 cup of the colorant of your choice, and stir until dissolved.
  3. Add pinecones to the mix. Be sure to add only as many as can be completely covered by the solution.
  4. Remove the pinecones and set on newspapers to dry completely—at least 3 days.

What can I spray on pine cones?

Once the pine cones have dried completely, you will want to spray them with some sort of clear acrylic spray. I like using Mod Podge brand, but you can use whatever you have on hand. This keeps the pine cones from becoming brittle quickly.

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