Often asked: Craft Ideas For Postcards?


What can I make with old postcards?

DIY: Decorate with Old Postcards

  • Make blocks. You can turn postcards into unique, beautiful blocks for decorating.
  • Make a gallery wall. A collection of postcards can be a quick way to fill a gallery wall on a tight budget.
  • Make a tray.
  • Make placeholders.
  • String a garland.
  • Preserve in a jar.
  • Make a tree.
  • Dress up a bird cage.

What to do with lots of postcards?

Creative ways to show off all of the postcards you pick up in your travels. Clip the postcards to a vertically hung string (or strand of sparkly LED lights). Hang them horizontally too, clipped together to create a long garland of memories. Pin them as an ever-growing gallery on your cork board, refrigerator or wall.

How do you style a postcard?

Postcards are one of the best ways to remember experiences, and they’re not just good for sending. 10 Postcard Displays That Make Your Best Memories Permanent

  1. Floor display shelf.
  2. Eclectic collage.
  3. Frame it.
  4. Magnetic strip.
  5. Worldly wall art.
  6. Work them into a gallery wall.
  7. Reuse an old mirror or frame.
  8. Keep it symmetrical.

How do you display vintage postcards?

I love framing old postcards. Put under glass on a tabletop, nightstand, dresser. They would be beautiful mounted in a large frame. Another thing you could do is to use clothespins to attach them to a string and make a decorative garland.

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How do I find the value of old postcards?

How to Assign Value to an Antique Postcard

  1. Examine the Card. Note the condition of the card, the picture on it, and identifying factors, and the age.
  2. Look Up the Card. Postcard price and identification guides are useful tools in determining the current market value of postcards.
  3. Assess Market Demand.
  4. Professional Appraisal.

How do you display postcards without ruining them?

use thumbtacks to drape it across a wall, or wherever, like one would hang a clothesline. At craft stores, purchase mini-clothespins that are about 1″. Hang the postcards along the cord or ribbon like you would hang clothes easy to change or re-arrange and does not damage cards.

Can you frame postcards?

If your postcard looks more like art than mail we suggest framing it just like you would an art print – a traditional clean white mat and your frame of choice. Don’t be afraid to try a more eclectic frame here. Frame them together in one frame. The ones you see above are float mounted in our Mercer Slim frame.

How do you store postcards?

In most cases, however, the easiest and safest way to store your cards is to place each postcard in its own individual archival polyethylene bag or protective sleeve that is just slightly larger than the postcard itself (to prevent stressing the card while inserting or removing it).

Is cardstock thick enough for a postcard?

Cardstock weight for postcards depends on your preference. You can go with a 12pt cardstock or the thicker 24 pt cardstock if you want something a little thicker. The heavier the weight, the more durable your postcard will be.

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Can you send a 4×6 photo as a postcard?

First of all, rest assured that sending a photograph through the mail is perfectly fine with the post office! According to the USPS, to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price (currently 35 cents), it must be: Rectangular. At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick.

What needs to be on a postcard?

At least 3-1/2” high X 5” long X 0.007” thick. No more than 4-1/4” high X 6” long X 0.016” thick. Have finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 0.125”

What size frame fits a postcard?

Original size 3.5″ x 5.5″ postcards are ideal for matted 4×6 picture frames. The biggest downside to the 3.5″ x 5.5″ size is that virtually no standard printing service offers this size. Of course, you can always print the postcards on any size paper on your home printer and trim them to size.

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