Often asked: Craft Ideas With Candy Canes?


How do you make candy canes gifts?

To make: Attach candy canes together, either in a heart shape or back-to-back, with hot-glue. Tiered twine around canes where glued. Loop over red twine, and hang. Loop ribbon or twine around around the top most candy cane to hang this adorable door swag.

How do you make candy cane ornaments?


  1. String beads on the pipe cleaner, alternating red and white beads.
  2. Bend the ends of pipe cleaner so beads stay on.
  3. Curl the pipe cleaner into a candy cane shape.
  4. Now you have a candy cane ornament. Hang it on your Christmas tree!

How do you make candy cane sleighs?


  1. Glue the candy canes onto the bottom of the Kitkat.
  2. Stack the candy bars into a pyramid formation on top of the KitKat, gluing them down as you go.
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the sleigh, tying it on the bottom {as if you were wrapping ribbon around a gift}.
  4. Put the bow on top.

How do you make a tri bead candy cane?

Candy Cane Tri – Bead Ornaments Instructions:

  1. Cut a 12″ Pipe Cleaner in half.
  2. Thread a tri – bead on one end and wrap the end of the stem around it.
  3. Alternate Red and White beads until you reach the end.
  4. Wrap the end of the stem around the last bead.
  5. Bend the Strand into candy cane shape.
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How do you make beaded ornaments?

You can make some ridiculously easy beaded ornaments with cookie cutters. Just use some wire (the one pictured uses copper wire) and thread with beads. Shape it around a cookie cutter, add string and you’re done. Kids can string their plastic beads on pipe cleaner and shape them around a cookie cutter of choice.

Why is candy cane in Christmas?

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that the red and white stripes and peppermint flavors became the norm. In Indiana, a candy maker wanted to make a candy that could be a reminder of Jesus Christ, so he made the Christmas candy cane. When you break the cane, it reminds us that Jesus’ body was broken for us.

How do you make Kit Kat sleighs?

  1. Take 1 Kit Kat Package and add a dab of hot glue to the bottoms of 4 chocolate squares.
  2. Add 2 more squares facing the opposite direction adding a dab of glue at the bottom.
  3. Finally add the last piece to the top as shown.
  4. Measure out a piece of ribbon to go over and under the sleigh and glue to bottom.

How do you make a sleigh for kids?


  1. 1Find a box. Find a small or medium-sized block-shaped box to make into a sleigh.
  2. 2 Make a sleigh pattern. Place the box on a sheet of paper.
  3. 3 Make a pair of sleigh outlines. Cut out the sleigh pattern.
  4. 4Draw a pair of straight lines.
  5. 5Cut out the sleigh.
  6. 6Glue the flaps.
  7. 7 Make a seat.
  8. 8Paint the sleigh.

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