Often asked: Craft Ideas With Mason Jars?


What can I use to fill Mason jars for centerpieces?

Paint, glitter, burlap, ribbons, flowers and more can be used to decorate your lovely centerpieces. Mason jars can add the perfect touch to your home décor. You can display them for your parties, family gatherings or even weddings and other special events. They are such an easy do it yourself craft for any occasion.

What do you fill jars with for decorations?

What Can I Use To Fill Glass Jars for Decoration?

  • Dry Organic Materials. Dry organic materials such as moss, grass, shells, sand, rocks, and pebbles make great jar fillers.
  • Decorative Objects and Potpourri.
  • Submerged Floral Display.
  • Craft Materials.
  • Foods.
  • Plant Material.

Do it yourself Mason jar gifts?

20 Mason Jar Gifts That You’ll Definitely Want to Keep for Yourself

  1. of 20. Snowball Mason Jar.
  2. of 20. Gingerbread House Mason Jar.
  3. of 20. Angel Mason Jar.
  4. of 20. Jar Homemade Potpourri Gift.
  5. of 20. Stamped Snowflake Mason Jar.
  6. of 20. Wrapped Snowman Mason Jar.
  7. of 20. Layer Cake Gifts.
  8. of 20. Unicorn Slime Gift.
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What can you put in old Mason jars?

25 Unique Ways to Use Mason Jars Around Your House

  1. Soap Dispensers.
  2. Matchstick Mason Jars with Striker Lid.
  3. Mason Jar Herb Garden.
  4. Storage Container for Twine.
  5. Salt or Herb Shaker.
  6. Vintage -Vibe Mason Jar Lights.
  7. Chalkboard-Painted Mason Jar Pencil Holders.
  8. Storage Shelf.

What colors do mason jars come in?

Each mason jar is made from high-quality stained glass in a variety of different colors. These colors include purple, green, pink, blue, amber, red and clear.

What do you fill Mason jars with for wedding favors?

10 Mason Jar Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love Taking Home

  1. 01 of 10. Keep Things Fun With Cookie Mix.
  2. 02 of 10. Give Away Jars of Chocolate Mousse.
  3. 03 of 10. Make Homemade Tomato Jam.
  4. 04 of 10. Bottle Up Moonshine.
  5. 05 of 10. Serve Oysters in Jars.
  6. 06 of 10. Say Thank You With Succulents.
  7. 07 of 10. Give Away Fresh Herbs.
  8. 08 of 10.

What can you fill a jar with?

Sand, seashells and even starfish can be a way to fill up and jazz up your jars. Set them in bathrooms or even on covered porches for an extra beachy vibe.

What size Mason jar should I use for centerpieces?

Note: If using as centerpieces, use the 32 oz. quart- sized jars.

What can I put in small jars for gifts?

10 Creative “ Gift In A Jar ” Ideas

  • Winter Survival Kit in a Jar.
  • T.L.C. in a Jar.
  • Ice Cream Party in a Jar.
  • Cookie Decorating in a Jar.
  • Guy Food in a Jar.
  • Mani-Pedi in a Jar.
  • Hot Cocoa Coziness in a Jar.
  • Caramel Apple Cider in a Jar.
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What can I put in small glass jars?

Home and Garden

  • Tea Light Holders. Set the mood at your next party by creating tea light holders from empty glass jars and items from your pantry.
  • Twig Vases.
  • Twine-Wrapped Jar Sets.
  • Hanging Garden Lanterns.
  • Fabric-Wrapped Jars.
  • Emergency Candles.
  • Word Jars.
  • Marquee Lighting.

What can I do with little jars?

13 Brilliant Ways To Use (Or Reuse) A Glass Jar

  1. Put A Spout On It. This is one of my all-time favorite mason jar projects, because it’s so easy.
  2. Accessorize!
  3. Marinate Meat.
  4. Make A Soap Dispenser.
  5. Give It A Makeover.
  6. Light It Up.
  7. Make A Pretty Candle.
  8. Plant An Herb Garden.

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