Often asked: Parachute Cord Craft Ideas?


What can I make with parachute cord?

  • Paracord Wallet. Think that a paracord wallet will outlast a regular leather wallet?
  • Paracord Bandolier. For an expert gunslinger, nothing but the best should suffice.
  • Paracord Backpack Strap Wrap.
  • Paracord Multi-tool Pouch.
  • Paracord Drawstring Bag.
  • Paracord Self Defence Key Fob.
  • Paracord iPhone Cable.
  • Paracord Army Men.

What can you make with a cord?

Cord is used a lot in craft projects, especially for necklaces and other jewelry projects. Cord is often times used in Macrame projects too and it a cheap alternative to leather cord. But cord can be used in many other types of project as it is a very sturdy and pliable craft material.

How do you make paracord straps?


  1. Melt both ends of the paracord with the lighter.
  2. Wrap the paracord around a wrist comfortably and mark it.
  3. Loop the cord through the female end of the buckle and draw tight.
  4. Pass both cords though the pins and under the watch.
  5. Pass the long and short codes back through the pins and under the watch.

What can I do with a 550 cord?

Use your bundle of paracord to create any one of these fantastic projects.

  • Paracord Belt. This cool belt looks fashionable and is easy to customize with your favorite color paracord.
  • Paracord Snake.
  • Paracord Tin Pouch.
  • Paracord Lanyard.
  • Paracord Watch Band.
  • Paracord Mug Handle.
  • Paracord Giant Monkey Fist.
  • Paracord Sandals.
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What is the easiest paracord knot?

Some of the simple knots that beginners may find easy to get started with are the half hitch, square knot, cat’s paw knot, slip knot, handcuff knot, cow hitch, figure 8 knot and common whipping.

What is an L cord in knitting?

I- cord is a simple knitting technique that creates a very narrow tube of knitting that looks a bit like French knitting. This is a stitch used for creating knitting bag handles, adding as edging on a project or applying as a specific cord in various craft projects.

What can I do with a leather cord?

Round leather cord is a leather material shaved into a long, thin, cylindrical shape. It works well for lacing, braiding, jewelry-making, personal accessories, and accents for clothing.

What is the point of a paracord bracelet?

What is the purpose of a paracord bracelet? A paracord bracelet is also called a survival bracelet. It is a survival tool worn by campers, hikers and people who enjoy the outdoors. These bracelets have been designed to be extremely beneficial, especially during emergency situations.

Are paracord bracelets still popular?

While survival bracelets are still the most popular project, paracord is used in many other bracelet varieties and many different paracord creations, such as space nets, life-sized sculptures, art installations, and macramé. Even if we’re talking only about bracelets, the varieties are endless.

How do you make a monkey fist?

Monkey’s Fist Knot Tying Instructions

  1. Take your rope and with the long working end make three wraps around the fingers of your hand.
  2. While holding the first set of turns in place, make three more turns passing outside the middle of the first three turns.

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