Often asked: Winter Solstice Craft Ideas?


What are some traditions of Winter Solstice?

Here are some customary ways to celebrate the solstice —you might notice that some resemble beloved Christmas traditions.

  • Build a Yule Altar.
  • Make an Evergreen Yule Wreath.
  • Burn a Yule Log.
  • Decorate a Yule Tree.
  • Exchange Nature-Based Gifts.
  • Give Back to Nature.
  • Celebrate in Candlelight.
  • Set up a Meditation Space.

What should I do for the winter solstice?

How to Celebrate Winter Solstice: 23 Winter Solstice Celebration Ideas

  1. Watch the Stonehenge 2020 Live Stream Event.
  2. Decorate a Winter Solstice Yule Tree.
  3. Make Winter Solstice Lanterns.
  4. Advent Spiral Walk.
  5. Craft Orange Pomanders for Yule.
  6. Set up a Yule Altar.
  7. Enjoy a Yule Log.
  8. Read Books about the Winter Solstice.

How do you teach children about the winter solstice?

  1. 7 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Winter Solstice with Kids.
  2. Go on a Winter Solstice stroll.
  3. Read a picture book about the Winter Solstice.
  4. Make a Winter Solstice lantern.
  5. Decorate an outside tree with edible treats for wild animals.
  6. Bake a Yule log (bûche de Noël).
  7. Eat a Winter Solstice feast by candlelight.
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What do you do on a Solstice?

Solstice Celebration Idea: To capture the light on the darkest day of the year, set your alarm to wake you before the time of sunrise in your area and with enough time to hike to your favorite outlook. Pack a thermos of your favorite coffee or tea to sip while you watch the solstice sunrise.

What is a winter solstice party?

A Winter Celebration Of The Sun. Throughout history, societies across the world have held festivals and ceremonies marking winter solstice, the day of the “sun’s rebirth.” Most often, winter solstice celebrations honored the symbolism of fire and light, along with life, death, the rising sun, and the moon.

What do you eat on winter solstice?

27 Winter Solstice Recipes

  • Beef Pot Pie with Guinness1/27.
  • Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic2/27.
  • Roasted Bone Marrow3/27.
  • Macaroni Au Gratin4/27.
  • Riz au Lait ~ French Rice Pudding5/27.
  • Scalloped Potatoes6/27.
  • Slow Roast Lamb7/27.
  • Pecan Pie Bread Pudding8/27.

How do Pagans celebrate the winter solstice?

Men dressed as women and masters dressed as servants. The festival also involved decorating houses with greenery, lighting candles, holding processions and giving presents. The Winter Solstice falls on the shortest day of the year (21st December ) and was celebrated in Britain long before the arrival of Christianity.

How do kids celebrate Yule?

Great Ways to Celebrate Yule With Kids. Start a Storytelling Tradition

  1. Have a round-robin story-telling session. One person makes up the beginning of the story, another continues, and so on.
  2. Read a book aloud to the family.
  3. Learn some traditional folk tales, and share them with your family.
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What does the winter solstice mean spiritually?

“The winter solstice is a time for us to manifest our desires and expand our horizons,” witch and tarot reader Majorie Gatson of The Punk Priestess tells Bustle. “It’s perfect for reflecting on our journeys throughout the past year and visualizing our next steps as we enter into a new one.”

What can you celebrate instead of Christmas?

December Holidays around the World

  • Christmas. In the Christian faith, Christmas is the historical celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Hanukkah.
  • Kwanzaa.
  • Boxing Day.

What do you need for a winter solstice party?

Throw a Stylish Winter Solstice Party

  • Glass Bottle Centerpiece.
  • Easy Yarn Table Runner.
  • Metallic Wood Slices.
  • Lamb and Pomegranate Stuffed Persimmons.
  • Miniature Wreath Place Setting.
  • Cold-Weather Dessert.
  • Seasonal Garland.
  • Crowd-Pleasing Mulled Pear Punch.

Why does it get colder after the winter solstice?

Even after the solstice, the sun in winter is so low that more energy escapes from the earth than is absorbed from the sun, so the earth/hemisphere continues to cool, even though days are slowly getting longer. It’s not until roughly a month after the solstice that average temperatures reach their lowest point.

What are the pagan holidays?

Together, they represent the most common celebrations in Wiccan -influenced forms of Neopaganism, especially in contemporary Witchcraft groups.

  • Winter Solstice (Yule)
  • Imbolc (Candlemas)
  • Spring Equinox (Ostara)
  • Beltane (May Eve)
  • Summer Solstice (Litha)
  • Lughnasadh (Lammas)
  • Autumn Equinox (Mabon)
  • Samhain (Hallowe’en)

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