Plastic Easter Egg Craft Ideas?


What can you make out of plastic Easter eggs?

10 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Easter Eggs

  • Hanging Planter. Drill or cut a hole at the top of half a jumbo egg.
  • Nest Necklace.
  • Metallic Pendant Light.
  • Rain Day Mobile.
  • Stylish Room Divider.
  • Bacon-and- Eggs Garland.
  • Multicolored Marquee Light.
  • Terrarium Gnomes.

How do you make Easter egg wreaths with plastic eggs?


  1. Glue plastic Easter eggs in a circle to cover a wire wreath frame.
  2. Glue another ring inside the first ring of eggs.
  3. Lastly, glue a third layer of eggs on top of the two rings of eggs already glued to your wreath.
  4. Add a ribbon to hang or any Easter themed decorations you like!

How do you close a plastic Easter egg?

Use a hot glue gun to go around the inside rim of the top egg and place it onto the bottom wiping away any excess glue. Be sure the two halves meet up and are closed tightly. Allow to dry. You could also use tape to go around the eggs to seal them such as colored duct tape or blue painter’s tape.

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Can you decorate plastic eggs?

There are just as many ways to decorate a plastic Easter egg as there are real eggs. You can make them into creatures, wrap them with yarn or just use stickers.

What to do with Easter eggs after dying?

To help your eggs last, once you’re done coloring them, store them unpeeled in an airtight container ($9, in the fridge. Hard-boiled eggs will keep for about one week. Not removing the shells protects them from lingering bacteria. Once you peel them, eat immediately!

What are fake eggs?

Fake egg or artificial egg is made by using various types of raw materials, colors and flavors. Most of the nutrients in eggs are found in yolk. But artificial eggs are full of chemicals, additives and auxiliary agents. So fake eggs contain no nutritional values compared to the real eggs.

Can you paint plastic Easter eggs with acrylic paint?

I am so excited for Easter crafts and I am kicking it off by showing you how to paint plastic Easter eggs. You will be able to transform those boring, plain, plastic Easter eggs in a matter of minutes. The colors of the DecoArt Fluid Art Ready-to-Pour Acrylic are also perfect for Easter.

Can you color plastic eggs?

Did you know that you can paint and dye plastic eggs that look like real eggs? I partnered with Walmart on today’s project to showcase a new egg that has made its way on store shelves that are simply called, “ Plastic Decorating Eggs,” made by Paper Magic and they retail for, $1.97 for a dozen eggs.

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How do you make an easy Easter wreath?

Simply pad a wooden bucket with paper towels, then add floral foam and your favorite flowers. Loop wire around the handle of your favorite watering can, hang it from your door, then fill with fresh blooms. It’s as easy as that! Here’s a fabulous idea to spruce up the typical Easter wreath: just add eggs!

What do you put in giant Easter eggs?

Here are my favorite ways to fill jumbo Easter eggs:

  1. LEGOs.
  2. Bathing suit, goggles or sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  3. Flip-flops (toddler size 10 is the largest that will fit in the 7-inch eggs )
  4. Gardening gloves and seeds.
  5. An outfit.
  6. Action figures.
  7. Stuffed animal.
  8. Pajamas.

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