Question: Card Making Craft Ideas?


How do you make homemade cards?

Handmade cards are always lovely to receive, and much more personal than a store bought card. Creating the card will require eight very common items: A nice writing utensil, cardstock or heavy construction paper, a piece of ribbon, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, a small ruler, a pencil and a dull butter knife.

What to make cards out of?

These 16 items will have you creating beautiful, meaningful, handmade cards in no time.

  1. Black, White, and Colored Cardstock.
  2. Adhesives.
  3. Cling Stamps.
  4. Acrylic Blocks.
  5. The Stamp Shammy.
  6. Coloring Supplies.
  7. Stamping Ink.
  8. Paper Trimmer.

How do you make homemade birthday cards?

Make an easy DIY birthday card with just a few pieces of paper. Start with a blank greeting card (or make your own from folded cardstock) and use glue or double-stick tape to attach a balloon shape cut from bright paper. Add a sweet message to the balloon, and pop this cute card in an envelope!

What is the best paper for making cards?

To put it simply, cardstock is a thicker and more durable type of paper. It is more flexible and thinner than paperboard and cardboard, making it perfect for arts and crafts. Since it is heavier and sturdier than standard or regular paper, it is also the best choice for paper crafting and card making.

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What do you put on the back of a handmade card?

What to write on the back of a handmade card

  1. Contact Details.
  2. A brief artists bio.
  3. Logo.
  4. How the card is made.
  5. Card Inserts – another marketing opportunity.

How can I make my own greeting cards for free?

How to make a greeting card

  1. Open Canva. Sign up for Canva using your Facebook or Google account.
  2. Discover the perfect template. Canva’s library of greeting card templates will get your creative juices flowing.
  3. Take advantage of features.
  4. Personalize your card.
  5. Share or print.

What should I do with used greeting cards?

5 Donate to a Charity: Before you toss any unwanted cards, consider donating them. St. Jude’s Ranch for Children will recycle used greeting cards and turn them into new holiday and greeting cards. You can also purchase their recycled cards to support their programs and services.

What equipment do I need to make greeting cards?

Basic Card Making Supplies

  1. Paper Trimmer. The tool you’ll use most.
  2. Retractable Pen Knife.
  3. 12″ Ruler.
  4. Adhesives.
  5. Retractable Pick.
  6. Self-Healing Cutting Mat with a Grid.
  7. Stylus.
  8. Bone Folder.

What can I make with designer paper?

Half off craft store coupons can really make a difference. You can go right to their website and print one off or get one in the Sunday paper. Mod Podge

  1. Make Art for Your Walls.
  2. Make Drink Coasters.
  3. Make Bookshelf Decorations.
  4. Do Furniture Makeovers.
  5. Make Decorative Trays.
  6. Make a Dry Erase Board.

How do you make a card with paper?

Hold the paper lengthwise and fold it in half side to side.

  1. A piece of letter-size paper folded in half makes a single portrait card that measures 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches.
  2. A piece of letter-size paper folded in half makes a card that’s sized 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches.

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