Question: Paper Craft Storage Ideas?


How do you store craft paper?

My first and all-time favorite way to store craft paper is my Paper Tower of Power. I build this from an IKEA storage unit (Kallax) and added simple shelves. I love it because it holds a LOT of paper and I can see it all. Also, the paper tower is on wheels so I can and do move it around the room when I need to.

How do I organize my craft paper by color?

HOW TO SORT CRAFT PAPER. Organizing craft paper according to color is great for solid color papers it won’t work for pattern papers. Start with the colors of the rainbow and go from there. Sort the first 7 basic colors and then add the shades of each color.

How can I organize my papers without a file cabinet?

5 Solutions to Organize Papers Without a Filing Cabinet

  1. Go Digital. Thanks to technology, you could go almost completely paper -free if that’s what you really want to do.
  2. Try Binders.
  3. Grab a Portable File Box.
  4. File in Envelopes.
  5. Use Accordion Files.

What is the best way to organize scrapbook paper?

The best way to organize scrapbook paper within storage boxes. First, divide the cardstock from patterned paper. Cardstock is easy, and will get sorted by color (and then by size, if you have multiple sizes).

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How do you sort Coloured paper?

Sort papers according to their color. This method is intuitive, easy and visually pretty. COLORS

  1. Start with the colors of the rainbow. Sort the first 7 basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple.
  2. Include shades of each color.
  3. Add a neutral section for white, black, grey, brown etc.

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