Question: Pet Rock Craft Ideas?


How do I make my own pet rock?


  1. Prime rocks with white craft paint.
  2. Paint the base color.
  3. Add details. Teeth are made by dipping the end of a cotton swab into the paint. Draw the fine lines with a permanent marker.
  4. Glue on the eyes, pompoms, and fun fur for hair.

What can I do with a pet rock?

How To Have Fun With With Your Pet Rock

  • Pick Your Pet. Pretend you’re at a pet store and have your kids select their ideal pet rock from the pile: what shape, size and color should it be?
  • Give It a Name. Every pet needs a name, even rocks!
  • Paint It.
  • Make a Home.
  • Bath Time.

How do you paint pet rocks?

The process of making painted pet rocks really is simple. How To Make Pet Rocks

  1. Set up your children’s work area by putting down cardboard or paper towels to protect the table from paint spills.
  2. Give them some paint (I don’t recommend giving them the entire tube!) and a paintbrush and let them paint their rocks!
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What kind of paint do you use on pet rocks?

PAINT – The best paint to use on rocks is acrylic paint. See my recommendation below for my favorite brand. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint – this is a great option for a variety of colors.

How can I make my pet rock fun?

How to Have a Fun Time with Your Pet Rock

  1. No room for a full size rock?
  2. Pet rocks get along well with all other pets.
  3. Swimming is fun.
  4. Pet rocks love going for rides.
  5. Most pets love to take a nature walk for fresh air and adventure.
  6. Your pet rock can function as a page holder while you read aloud.

How long do pet rocks live?

How long do pet rocks live? Your pet rock will outlive you; she will outlive everything breathing on God’s green Earth; she is eternal, everlasting, non-dying, all-surviving. Either that or about five years.

How much does a pet rock cost?

They were packaged in a cardboard box (with air holes cut out), placed in a straw nest, and sold for $3.95. Gary Dahl, the Pet Rock’s inventor, became an overnight millionaire.

How do I give my pet rock a bath?

Bath your pet rock. For bathing, you need at least 1½ (one and a half) room bigger than the rock itself, as the rock might not bath inside if it’s smaller. You’ll need to bath the rock with water and soap, and bath it slowly. You can’t bath it too quickly as your pet rock wouldn’t be too clean.

Can a rock be a pet?

Your PET ROCK will be a devoted friend and companion for many years to come. Rocks enjoy a rather long life span so the two of you will never have to part—at least not on your PET ROCK’s account. A PET ROCK is perfect for people who hate animals, are allergic to animals, or who are not allowed to keep animals.

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What do children learn from painting rocks?

When the students paint these rocks, they are: Practicing and gaining fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination. By holding paintbrushes and learning how to control the paint, as well as grasping the rocks, children focus on skills necessary for later writing activities.

Can I use Sharpies on rocks?

Rocks are porous, and Sharpies will bleed into them, creating a blurry design. For better results, first let the rocks dry for at least 24 hours, then apply 2 or more coats of Mod Podge or white glue, then apply sealer after drying. Enjoy painting, you can do so much with paint pens and rocks!

What is the best sealant for rock painting?

Rust-Oleum Universal Advanced Formula The clear durable topcoat from Rust-Oleum is another good choice for a spray-on rock painting sealant. This sealer from Rust-Oleum dries crystal clear and has UV protection. It has a bit more gloss to it’s finish so if you like the shine effect it is a good one to check out.

What do you Seal Rocks with before painting?

Acrylic paint or paint pens are the most popular choice for painting rocks. Seal your painted rocks with a clear spray sealer or brush on varnish.

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