Question: Wooden Letters Craft Ideas?


How do you decorate letters?

You can paint them and decorate them using paint pens. You can even try embossing foil on the letters or using a wood-burning pen to burn designs around them.” Tie ribbon or string around your letters.

How do you decorate wood?

7 Fresh Ways to Decorate with Wood Furniture for a Modern Look

  1. Decorate with old wood furniture in new ways.
  2. Embrace dark wood furniture with deep colors.
  3. Mix wood furnishings in a variety of tones.
  4. Pair wood furniture with painted pieces.
  5. Dress up wood furniture with colorful accents.

What paint do you use on wood letters?

For painting wood letters, you’ll need spray paint, latex paint (or both), a paint brush, paint tray and sandpaper.

How do you remove wooden letters?

To take the letters down, slide a palette knife carefully between the letters and the wall and start to work the letter off the wall. Any residue can be cleaned with a solvent like Goo Gone.

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