Quick Answer: Clay Pot Craft Ideas?


What can you make with clay pots?

10 Creative Terra Cotta Clay Pot Projects

  • 1 Clay Pot Lighthouse.
  • 2 Clay Pot Birdhouse.
  • 3Fairy Garden in a Pot.
  • 4 Clay Tipsy Pots.
  • 5 Terra Cotta People.
  • 6 Clay Pot Candle Planter.
  • 7Potted Plant Shelves.
  • 8Bird & Bee & Butterfly Baths & Fountains.

How do you make terracotta pot animals?

Make the terra – cotta animals on your own, or enlist the help of your children.

  1. Turn the terra – cotta pot upside down. Hot glue the wooden ball onto the bottom of it.
  2. Paint the pot and the wooden ball.
  3. Draw a face on the wooden ball.
  4. Add decorative accents.

How do you make clay pots beautiful?

10 Upscale Ways to Make Over Terra-Cotta Pots

  1. Black and White Striped Fabric.
  2. Decoupaged Floral Napkins.
  3. Antique Plaster French Pots.
  4. Whitewashing Image Transfer.
  5. Gold Permanent Marker.
  6. Stone Spray and Shells.
  7. pastel Chalk Paint.
  8. Succulent and Terracotta Centerpiece.

How can I decorate my clay pot at home?

  1. Smooth the Pot. Make sure the clay pot is clean and smooth.
  2. Seal Pot. If you’re going to paint the outside of the pot, the paint will seal it, so you only need to use sealer on the inside.
  3. Apply the Paint. Paint the outside of the pot with acrylic paint.
  4. Cut out the Photos.
  5. Piece Photos Together.
  6. Seal if Needed.
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What can you make out of clay for beginners?

10 Things to Make with Air Dry Clay: Fun and Beautiful Projects

  1. Mini Textured Succulent Planters.
  2. Painted Crayola Air Dry Clay Pinch Pots.
  3. DIY Succulent Pineapple Air Dry Clay Planters.
  4. DIY Easy Clay Bowls.
  5. Handmade Clay Diffuser Necklace.
  6. DIY Diffuser Keychains.
  7. DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile.
  8. DIY Monstera leaf keychain.

What can I do with old terracotta pots?

7 Clever Things to Do With a Broken Terracotta Pot

  1. of 7. Mark Your Garden. The curves of cast-aside pot rims plant perfectly into soil to label herbs or veggies in your backyard plot.
  2. of 7. Build a Toad House.
  3. of 7. Top Off Your Soil.
  4. of 7. Design a Fairy Garden.
  5. of 7. Create a Spill Pot.
  6. of 7. Drain Wisely.
  7. of 7.

How do you make a frog out of a clay pot?

How To Make Clay Pot Frog

  1. Use flat brush to paint outside of all pots Lime Green.
  2. Use liner brush to paint the bottom inside of two of small pots Wicker White.
  3. Use handle end of liner brush dipped in white to create dot highlight for eye.
  4. Glue pots with eyes to large pot.

What kind of paint do you use on clay pots?

With the right type of paint, you’ll be able to enjoy your colorful containers for years to come. Acrylic paint is typically the most popular choice for painting terracotta pots. It’s highly pigmented, which means you’ll be able to enjoy bright colors without having to do too many layers of paint.

How do you make a simple clay pot?

Method 3 of 4: Make a Pinch Pot

  1. Make a ball. Roll the clay into a ball, and make sure it’s moist.
  2. Make a hole.
  3. Work the sides.
  4. Flatten the bottom.
  5. Smooth out the inside and outside of the pot, as desired.
  6. For more detailed information, see How to Make a Pinch Pot.
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How do you reuse pottery clay?

You can recycle clay, or reclaim clay, so it can be used again. Many potters keep their non contaminated (21) clay scraps from trimming, broken greenware, or old throwing slurry (3) to recycle and reuse. As long as clay has not been fired it can be recycled (10, 21).

How do you decorate a clay pot?

  1. Soak the pot in a tub of warm water for up to an hour, then scrub it with a stiff brush.
  2. Put the paint for the base coat on a plastic plate and thin it with a small amount of water.
  3. Apply the paint with a foam brush.
  4. Apply additional coats until the desired color depth is achieved.

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