Quick Answer: Craft Ideas With Shoe Boxes?


What can kids do with shoe boxes?

25 Brilliantly Crafty Shoebox Projects for You, Your Home, and

  1. For You and the Home. Picnic Box. Jewelry Organizer. Marker Caddy. Wall Art. Boxy Shelves. Charging Station. DIY Phone Projector. Faux Basket.
  2. For the Kids. Toy Storage. Dollhouses and Fire Stations. Mini Foosball. Puppet Theater. Loom. Dioramas. Marble Maze.

What crafts can you make with cardboard boxes?

I hope you’re excited to learn some repurposing ideas!

  1. DIY Apartment Door Numbers.
  2. Repurposed Cardboard Belted Storage Tote.
  3. Upcycled Cardboard Photo Frame.
  4. Upcycled Cardboard Sunburst Mirror.
  5. DIY Decoupage Cardboard Trays.
  6. Cardboard City – Kid Fun!
  7. Indoor Dog House.
  8. Repurposed Cardboard Drawer Dividers.

How do you organize a shoe box?

10 Ways to Organize With Shoe Boxes in the Kitchen

  1. No More Lost Lids Floating Around Your Cupboards.
  2. Free up Space in Your Utensil Drawer.
  3. Organize Snacks for Easy Reach.
  4. Corral On-the-Go Snacks.
  5. Categorize Small Kitchen Supplies.
  6. Gather Mail.
  7. Create Easy To Grab Toy Kits.
  8. Store Bulk Purchases in Easy to See Bins.

How can I reuse shoe boxes at home?

11 Ways To Upcycle Shoeboxes

  1. Ribbon Organizer. If you’re the crafty type, you may have a lot of ribbon lying around.
  2. DIY recharge station.
  3. Pretty storage box.
  4. Decorative wall shelves.
  5. Fabric desktop organizer.
  6. Chalkboard painted shoebox lids.
  7. Cable and cord organizer.
  8. Viewable shoe storage.
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How do you make money in a shoebox box?

Take the lid off the shoebox, and, using your largest piece of currency (eg, quarter, half-dollar, etc.) as a guide, draw a rectangular coin slot wide enough for it to fit. You can draw the coin slot on either the lid or one of the long sides of the box, depending on your preference. Cut out the coin slot.

Can you stack Skubb shoe boxes?

The Skubb Shoe Boxes are light and stackable, featuring a see-through facade so you know what’s inside. (These boxes would also be great for legos, small figurines or your kid’s collection of matchbox cars.)

Should I keep my shoe boxes?

Whatever you decide is fine if it works for you. The only thing that isn’t okay is keeping empty shoe boxes on the floor or shelves of your closet where they are collecting dust or taking up valuable space. One bin or box of different-size boxes is sufficient. Recycle the rest or re-purpose them to store other items.

What can I put in a shoe box?

School supplies – chalkboards with chalk, pencils and sharpeners, crayons, scissors, backpacks. Toys – sports balls (with pump if needed), dolls, stuffed animals, play cars. Make-your-own crafts – add your personal touch. Non-liquid hygiene items – bar soap, toothbrush, washcloths.

What to do with empty boxes?

If you feel like getting creative, try one of these alternate uses for old cardboard boxes.

  1. Compost them.
  2. Protect your floors when painting.
  3. Make drawer dividers.
  4. Use them for stylish storage.
  5. Use them for car or garage storage.
  6. Make a cat playhouse.
  7. Keep them for shipping.
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How do you decorate a cardboard box for a gift?

Materials for decorating your cardboard box or DIY gift box

  1. fabric or satin ribbons – I’m always saving ribbons from gift bags and wrapping as I can’t bear to thrown them away!
  2. embroidery threads/piping threads.
  3. stick on gift tags.
  4. stick on craft supplies.
  5. tissue paper.
  6. potpourri/dried flowers etc.
  7. scrap book paper.

How do you make a shoebox drawer?


  1. Remove the lid from the shoebox and set it aside.
  2. Place the box onto a sheet of decorative paper and trace around the base.
  3. Cover the bottom of the box with a layer of Mod Podge using a paintbrush.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each side of the box.
  5. Let it dry thoroughly before putting it into the drawer.

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