Quick Answer: Craft Lace Techniques And Ideas?


What can you do with craft lace?

Plastic lacing crafts have been around for a long time, with names as colorful as their plastic pieces. One or two (or four, or eight) strands of flexible lacing can be twisted, braided, and tied into jewelry, keychains, zipper pulls and more.

How do you round plastic lacing?

Round Stitch ( Plastic Lacing ) or Crown Knot

  1. 2- You can start with any strand. Seen here, you fold strand D towards strand B at an angle.
  2. 5- Take strand C and fold it over strand B and under strand D.
  3. 6- Grasp all the ends and pull.
  4. 7- Continue with the next layer.
  5. 11- Grasp all the ends and pull.

What is plastic lacing used for?

Ignite your kid’s imagination with plastic lacing from Creatology. Each spool of lacing gives you 100 yards of crafting fun so your child can create bracelets, key chains, necklaces and more. This lacing is perfect for camp activities, school projects, craft parties and more.

How do you make a boondoggle step by step?

How to Start a Boondoggle Keychain:

  1. Place them like a plus sign.
  2. Take the lace that is resting on the bottom of the plus and loop the top lace down and the bottom lace up.
  3. Next take the lace from each side, weave the lace over the blue lace and then under the second blue lace.
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What do you call those plastic string braiding crafts?

Scoubidou (Craftlace, scoobies) is a knotting craft, originally aimed at children.

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