Quick Answer: Mini Glass Bottle Craft Ideas?


What can I do with tiny glass bottles?

Inventive Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

  1. DIY Liquid Soap Dispenser. Source: HomEsthetics.net.
  2. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder. Source: Momma Young @Home.
  3. Healthy Spray Bottle. Source: Body Unburdened.
  4. Homemade Holiday Decorations.
  5. Upcycled Lamp.
  6. Upcycled Oil Lamp.
  7. Chalkboard Storage Canisters.
  8. ‘Keep ‘Em Busy’ Sand Art Craft.

What can you put in a mini glass jar?

Home and Garden

  1. Tea Light Holders. Set the mood at your next party by creating tea light holders from empty glass jars and items from your pantry.
  2. Twig Vases.
  3. Twine-Wrapped Jar Sets.
  4. Hanging Garden Lanterns.
  5. Fabric-Wrapped Jars.
  6. Emergency Candles.
  7. Word Jars.
  8. Marquee Lighting.

What can you do with a glass Coke bottle?

Here are 30 projects that you can make, all starting with a glass bottle:

  1. apothecary jar. It has a vintage look.
  2. beach in a bottle. Make a memory!
  3. bird feeder. Feed the birds in style with this feeder made from a vintage glass bottle.
  4. bottle tree.
  5. candle holder.
  6. candle shelter.
  7. chandelier.
  8. decorative jar.

Can you bake in mini mason jars?

Cooking in Mason jars is nothing new. The glass used for Ball and Kerr canning jars is not tempered for oven use and is not meant to be used in baking projects. The jars are safe to use for home canning recipes, cold or room temperature food storage, crafting, and cold beverages.

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Is it safe to reuse glass food jars?

The verdict on glass containers Good news for folks that reuse glass bottles and jars: You’re in the clear. Glass is safe to repurpose indefinitely as long as it’s cleaned between uses. If you have leftover mason jars from jams and jellies, you can give them new life with our favorite recipes made in a jar.

What do you fill mini potion bottles with?

Filler Ideas

  • Colored sand.
  • Glitter.
  • Spices and herbs.
  • Seed beads.
  • Elmer’s Clear Washable School Glue.
  • Food coloring (to tint the clear glue)
  • Glitter glue.
  • Clear hair gel.

How do you make an ocean in a bottle?

Fill the plastic bottle one-third to one-half full with water. Add drops of food coloring to the water until you reach a desired color. A combination of blue and green make the traditional color of the sea.

How do you make a small bottle necklace?

DIY | Bottle Necklace

  1. Get your tiny bottles and all shapes and sizes.
  2. Grab a small piece of wire and glue.
  3. put some glue on the wire.
  4. Place the wire through the cork.
  5. Get some tongs and fold the ends of the wire into tiny circles.

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