Readers ask: Baby Jar Craft Ideas?


What can I make with baby jars?

Baby food jar Christmas crafts:

  • Turn a baby food jar into a snowman Christmas tree ornament.
  • Make festive holiday votive candle holders.
  • Make sparkly tea light luminaries in baby food jars.
  • Baby food jars make great miniature snow globes.
  • Make Reindeer food for Christmas Eve.

What can I do with empty Gerber baby food jars?

10 Ways to Upcycle Baby Food Storage Containers

  1. Paint all the lids.
  2. Create slime or homemade playdough holders.
  3. Get festive with snow globes.
  4. Use for artist supplies.
  5. Make magical lights.
  6. Whip up adorable party favors.
  7. Store your tiny things.
  8. Repurpose to pack condiments or other snacks.

Can you reuse baby food jars for homemade baby food?

Are baby food jars reusable? Baby food jars are reusable if you ‘re not planning on freezing, or heating the jars. If the jar cracks, microscopic shards of glass could contaminate the food. If you were hoping to freeze your homemade baby food, you can get these 4oz Ball mason jars.

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Can you use baby food jars for canning?

Secondly, can you use baby food jars for canning? Yes you can – but the normal rules of storage of fresh food would apply. Jars of baby food have a very long shelf life(2 years, I believe!) because they are vacuum sealed.

What can you do with leftover baby food?

10 ideas for leftover baby food purees

  1. Stir fruit and veggie purees into plain whole milk yogurt, cottage cheese, and oatmeal.
  2. Add veggie purees into sauces and pestos.
  3. Mix veggie purees into meatballs and meatloaf.
  4. Dump veggie purees into soups or stews.
  5. Use them as teethers.
  6. Blend them into a smoothie.

How long can a jar of baby food be kept once opened?

Solid baby foods that have been opened may be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days. Strained fruits and vegetables can be refrigerated for two to three days and stored in the freezer for six to eight months.

Can you reuse Beechnut baby food jars?

If you have a project in mind that just uses the jar – no problem! We encourage the re-purposing and up-cycling of packaging whenever it’s safely possible. There are many creative and useful ways to just use the jars. But, if your project involves the lid, please consider using a safer option.

How do you reuse glass baby food jars?

20 Things to Do With All Those Leftover Glass Baby Food Jars

  1. Desk Organizer.
  2. Pincushion.
  3. Photo Jars.
  4. Hanging Vases.
  5. Advent Calendar.
  6. Spice Jars.
  7. Lego Storage Jars.
  8. Party Favors.
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Are baby food jars airtight?

FOOD -SAFE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS— jars are made of glass–100% BPA, phthalate and PVC free with airtight, leakproof lids. EASILY STORE AND HEAT HOMEMADE BABY FOOD —Use these jars again and again with confidence. Plus jars can be reused later for sauces and other ingredients even when baby’s all grown up!

Can you freeze Cow and Gate baby food jars?

Heating and storing shop-bought foods Stir well and always check the temperature before serving. Using a clean plastic spoon (not metal), stir the food well then serve a small amount into your baby’s bowl. Any food left over in the jar can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours ( do not freeze it ).

Are glass baby food jars freezer safe?

Glass baby food jars (or any glass container) are not meant to freeze. Frozen glass can burst or cause tiny fractures in the glass leaving behind microscopic shards that you may never see. Freeze baby food in safe “ok to freeze” plastic containers instead.

Can you microwave glass baby food jars?

Don’t microwave baby foods in the jar. Instead, transfer the food to a dish before microwaving it. This way the food can be stirred and taste-tested for temperature.

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