Readers ask: Christmas Craft Felt Ideas?


What can I make with felt for Christmas?

15 DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments To Make With The Kids

  1. Button Snowman. Grab some buttons along with your felt and dive into this cute craft from Cutesy Crafts!
  2. Dala Horse. BHG has all the details you need to make one of these felt dala horses.
  3. Spirals & Tassels.
  4. Star Wars.
  5. Snowflakes.
  6. Doughnuts.
  7. Reindeer.
  8. Santa Claus.

What can I make with Craft felt?

A low-cost craft material like felt is great for young crafters, and it’s even enjoyable to touch!

  1. Felt Fox Ears Headband.
  2. Fabulous Felt Hair Ties.
  3. Bitty Bunny Finger Puppet.
  4. Super Scout Cardboard Tube Craft.
  5. Easy No-Sew Monster Banner.
  6. Bunny Rabbit Felt Case.
  7. Posies for My Toesies Shoe Embellishment.

What are some good Christmas crafts?

25 Simple Christmas Crafts:

  • How to Make a Christmas Wreath:
  • Snow Globe Tumblers:
  • Snowman Ornament:
  • Sock Gnomes:
  • Holiday Character Candy Pots.
  • Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornaments.
  • Santa Wreath.
  • Snowy Mason Jar:

What do you stuff felt decorations with?

Materials for Stuffed Felt Letters

  1. Felt ( I used wool felt similar to this.)
  2. Scissors.
  3. Embroidery Needle.
  4. Embroidery thread.
  5. Pins.
  6. Printed out letters to trace onto your felt.

What can I make with felt for kids?


  1. DIY No Sew Felt Bird Wings | hello, Wonderful.
  2. Hand Animal Puppets | Style Me Pretty.
  3. Fairy Felt Peg Dolls | The Imagination Tree.
  4. Princess Felt Patterns | Fynes Designs.
  5. Felt Ball | Simply Earnest.
  6. Felt Plantable Garden | A Beautiful Mess.
  7. Felt Ice Cream Necklace | Artzy Creations.
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How do you make felt balls?

Making a felt ball is incredibly easy; simply wind wisps of wool into a blob, dip it in hot, soapy water, and gently roll it into shape with your hands.

How do you make felt decorations?

Third Sew Felt Christmas Ornament

  1. Create a different tree shape (as shown in the image) using a tree template.
  2. Like before, create two mirror images of felt sheets for each ornament.
  3. Stitch the two mirror felt sheets together using a white thread.
  4. Stuff the body with cotton balls or polyfill.
  5. Complete the stitching.

How do you make Christmas easy?

Christmas Tips and Ideas

  1. Keep things as simple as possible.
  2. Try making Christmas Candies instead of cookies.
  3. Try to have More with Less This Christmas.
  4. You don’t have to make everything homemade.
  5. Cut scraps of fabric or felt into Christmas shapes.

Do it yourself crafts for Christmas?

70+ DIY Christmas Crafts to Make Every Inch of Your Home Instagram-Worthy

  1. of 78. Ice Skates Wreath.
  2. of 78. Christmas Light Napkin Rings.
  3. of 78. Holiday Shakers.
  4. of 78. DIY Citrus Garland.
  5. of 78. Holiday Card Tree.
  6. of 78. Christmas Straws.
  7. of 78. Festive Throw Pillow.
  8. of 78. Plaid Shirt Ribbons.

What is a Christmas craft party?

So what is a Crafternoon? It’s exactly what it sounds like an afternoon spent crafting. Otherwise known as the most fun day ever;) The holidays were the perfect excuse to host a Christmas craft party. Every December, I gather with girlfriends I’ve known for 35 years.

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