Readers ask: Craft Ideas For T Shirts?


What can I make with old T-shirts?

Get those crafting scissors ready!

  • Turn them into baskets.
  • Give them to your dog.
  • Cut them into headbands.
  • Add some beads.
  • Sew them into a quilt.
  • Use them to hang your plants.
  • Braid them into bracelets.
  • Decorate your light fixtures.

How do you make a Tshirt fun?

Pin these projects:

  1. Add a cute ribbon.
  2. Cut out most of the back of your T – shirt and tie what’s left.
  3. Make a skull cutout.
  4. Make a line of bows along the back of your T – shirt.
  5. Make a geometric design.
  6. Cut out a tree of life shape.
  7. Make a butterfly twist tee.
  8. Create a cool high-contrast look by layering.

What can I make with a shirt?

Here are Some Great Ideas to Repurpose Old T- shirts:

  1. Turn Them Into a Dress.
  2. T- shirt Quilt.
  3. Crochet Rug.
  4. Tie-Dye T- Shirt Headbands.
  5. T- Shirt Pom Poms.
  6. Baby Romper.
  7. Turn It Into a Workout Shirt.

How can I decorate my t-shirt?

  1. 1 T – shirt printing. T – shirt printing is, of course, the number one method of decorating a t – shirt.
  2. 2 Stitch sequins on t – shirts.
  3. 3 Fabric flower decorating.
  4. 4 T – shirt embroidery.
  5. 5 T – shirt fabric painting.
  6. 6 Decorate with beads.
  7. 7 T – shirt decorating ideas with ribbon.
  8. 8 Flower Applique on t – shirts.

What to do with a shirt that is too small?

Thrift or buy a plain t- shirt that’s similar in color to the shirt you want to size up. Cut the arms off the original shirt and cut down the side seam to separate the back and front. Cut wide strips from the plain shirt and sew them between the front and back of the original shirt.

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How can I get free T-shirts?

One of the easiest ways to get free t – shirts is to become a brand ambassador. Here is a list of companies, organizations, and brands that give away free tshirts.

  1. Dr. Pepper.
  2. WhyIVax.
  3. Adidas.
  4. Instructure.
  5. BoardVitals.
  6. Kona Ice.
  7. Smokin’ Dave’s.
  8. Paradosiaka.

What do you do with shirts you don’t want?

Recycling Tees: What To Do (And Not Do ) with Your Used Clothing

  2. DO Upcycle Used Clothing.
  3. DO Donate Old Clothes to Charity.
  4. DO Donate to a Clothing Collection Company.
  5. DO Sell Used Clothing Online.
  6. DO Down Cycle Old Clothes.
  7. DO Hand-Them-Downs.
  8. DON’T throw used clothing away.

How do you upcycle old clothes?

6 Ways You Can Upcycle Old Clothes

  1. Cutting and Sewing. A pair of scissors, a needle, and a thread can easily transform a piece of clothing into something new entirely.
  2. Embroidery.
  3. Painting.
  4. DIY Hair Materials (Scrunchies and More!)
  5. DIY Reusable Towels.
  6. DIY Reusable Food Wraps.

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