Readers ask: Keepsake Box Craft Ideas?


How do I make a personalized memory box?

Tips for Memory Boxes

  1. Include photos.
  2. Capture their personality.
  3. Include the details.
  4. Make it for you.
  5. Add a pocket.
  6. Keep it nearby.
  7. More tips: has a nice PDF on making, filling, storing, and sharing your memory box.
  8. Make it a jar.

What do you put in a keepsake box?

10 Things to Add to Your Baby Keepsake Box

  1. Baby’s Hospital Wristband.
  2. A Lock of Baby’s Hair.
  3. Baby’s First Clothes and Shoes.
  4. Birth and Birthday Cards.
  5. Mummy’s Baby Journal.
  6. A Newspaper from Baby’s Day of Birth.
  7. Baby’s Favourite Toy.
  8. Photos of Special Moments.

How do you decorate a keepsake box?

Keep pictures of beloved ancestors in a memory box and your children’s artwork in another. Make a box from a study shoe box, a hatbox or an ordinary wooden box. Decorate yours with paint, stencils, stamps, photographs, fabric, ribbons, beads, buttons or wrapping paper.

How do I make my girlfriend a memory box?


  1. Tickets for events attended and loved.
  2. Notes from people.
  3. Diaries / Journals.
  4. Greetings cards that you’ve been given from loved ones.
  5. Photos of larger items you want to remember but can’t keep (homes, cars etc…)
  6. Photos of specific events / people.
  7. DVDs of events / people.
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What do you put in a mom’s memory box?

Make Mother’s Day — or any day — special, with a gift that’s full of love and happy memories. Mom’s Memory Box

  1. Newspaper.
  2. Shoe or hat box.
  3. Acrylic paint.
  4. Color copies of family photos and keepsake objects.
  5. Mod Podge (can be purchased at any local craft store)
  6. Paintbrush.
  7. Sponge.
  8. Flat-edged dull knife.

What should I put in my keepsake box for my girlfriend?

Here are some things you might put in a memory box for a romantic partner.

  • Ticket stubs. If you and your partner love attending movies or concerts or sports events, you can collect ticket stubs from events you attend.
  • Love letters.
  • Photographs.
  • Travel journals.
  • Wedding items.

What is the purpose of a keepsake box?

A keepsake box or memory box, typically made from wood, is used for storing mementos of a special time, event or person. They are often created or purchased to mark life’s major events like a christening, wedding, birthday, or First Holy Communion.

What should be in a memory box for dementia?

Ideas for what to put in your dementia memory box

  • Photographs.
  • Letters.
  • CDs containing favourite songs.
  • Items, or images of items, relating to your loved one’s previous career (e.g. if your relative used to be a doctor you might include a stethoscope)
  • Mementos and souvenirs.
  • Items, or images of items, relating to a hobby.

How do you decorate an unfinished wooden box?

If you want a simple solution, try painting the box a different color to make it stand out and hide the natural wood grain. You may also try using decoupage, or attaching paper or fabric, to add different images to the box to make a striking design.

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How do you make a memory box out of a shoebox?


  1. Wrap the outside of a shoebox overlapping edges approximately ½ inch. Trim at corners and folds, if needed to reduce any excess bulk on the inside.
  2. Measure inside panels of the box.
  3. Cut paper to line the box ¼ inch shorter than top edge. Glue paper to the inside of the box.
  4. Decorate outside as desired.

How do you decorate a baby’s memory box?

Some ideas of what to include are:

  1. An ultrasound picture.
  2. Baby’s hospital wristband.
  3. Their first clothes worn home from the hospital.
  4. Congratulations cards from when they were born.
  5. A newspaper from the date of your baby’s birth.
  6. A coin made the year they were born.
  7. Their first lock of hair.
  8. Their first tooth.

How do I organize my keepsake greeting cards?

9) Keep them on a ring:

  1. Punch a hole in the corner (a heart-shaped punch is even sweeter) and thread them on a large binder ring.
  2. This is a great way to keep cards organized by year or occasion—just add an index card to label them.
  3. Keep them in a desk drawer or nightstand where you can flip through them often.

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