Readers ask: Rolled Paper Craft Ideas?


What can I make with rolled newspaper?

59 Amazing Crafts Using Newspaper

  1. Newsprint Ghosts. This is such an easy craft idea that you can bet the kids will love.
  2. Hats for the Tea Party. This is exactly what I have been looking for.
  3. Flowers on a Branch.
  4. Ballard-Inspired Newsprint Dress.
  5. Wall Art.
  6. Newspaper Valentine Wreath.
  7. Gift Bags.
  8. Newspaper Art.

What can I make out of paper to sell?

Here are some of the many possibly profitable paper products you can make at home. Get Crafty: 8 Cool Paper Projects to Make and Sell Online

  1. Paper Purses.
  2. Paper Flowers.
  3. Paper Wallets.
  4. Paper Jewelry.
  5. Paper Furniture.
  6. Paper Dresses.
  7. Origami Art.
  8. Kite String Sliders.

How do you roll thick paper?

Place a sheet of clean tissue paper on a flat table. Unroll the rolled paper and place on top of the tissue paper. Carefully lay a heavy board or a thick, heavy book down on the unrolled paper. Let the paper sit under the weight for 24 hours.

How do you make easy newspaper crafts?

9 Amazing Newspaper Crafts for Children

  1. Newspaper Tree. This little tree can be left as it is, or painted to look more realistic.
  2. Rolled Newspaper Roses.
  3. Newspaper Sailors Hat.
  4. Newspaper Sword.
  5. Newspaper Picture Frame.
  6. Newspaper Autumn Leaves.
  7. Newspaper Heart Streamer.
  8. Newspaper Lamp Shade.
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How do you make flowers out of toilet paper rolls?


  1. 1Gather some TP rolls. Collect some toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.
  2. 2Divide the TP roll into sections.
  3. 3Flatten the TP roll.
  4. 4Cut into sections.
  5. The resulting sections will be the flower’s petals.
  6. 5Prime the petals.
  7. 6Let the white paint dry.
  8. 7Paint with the final color.

How do you reuse toilet paper rolls?

Before you toss them, consider these 5 ways to reuse toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

  1. Seed starter pots. You can cut down on trash and cost by making your seed-starting pots out of toilet paper rolls.
  2. Protect seedlings from pests.
  3. Compost.
  4. Bird feeder.
  5. Fire starter.

What is quilled paper art?

Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.

How do you make paper tubes?

Make Your Own Kraft Paper Tubes

  1. Step 1: Materials. First, you will need some kraft paper.
  2. Step 2: Cut Paper Strips.
  3. Step 3: Wrap the First Layer.
  4. Step 4: Glue on Additional Layers.
  5. Step 5: Trim the Ends.
  6. Step 6: Let It Dry.
  7. Step 7: Making Telescoping Paper Tube Sleeves.
  8. Step 8: Rocket Motor Mount Tubes.

Do paper crafts sell?

(11) Business to business paper crafts So in case of Paper – craft that would be selling things like ‘ paper ‘ itself. You can make, print or source all kinds of paper to sell to not only other hobbyists but also to other crafters. Supplies are one of the highest selling craft categories online.

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What crafts make the most money?


  • 1 – JEWELRY. The jewelry industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so there’s room for every business.
  • 2 – ART. Everyone hangs some form of art in their home so it’s an industry people spend money on.
  • 4 – SOAP & CANDLES.

What crafts are selling right now?

Handmade items that are in demand

  • Stained glass.
  • Resin crafts.
  • 3D printed items.
  • Paper flowers.
  • Face masks.
  • Bath bombs.
  • Eco-friendly items including the use of natural dyes and ‘upcycled’ materials.

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