Readers ask: Spring Wreath Craft Ideas?


How do you make a cute spring wreath?

Simply insert floral foam, drill a hole in the back, loop wire through the hole, and hang on your front door. Pick out your favorite flowers, and arrange however you like! Grandma’s grain sifter gets new life as a unique wreath. Put flowers in water-filled floral tubes and attach to the sifter with wire.

What can I hang on my front door besides a wreath?

Today I’m sharing 36 creative front door decor ideas that are NOT a wreath.

  1. Rain boot, Umbrella, and Watering Can Vase Door Decor Ideas.
  2. Letter Monogram Door Decor.
  3. Chalkboard Sign Door Decor.
  4. Flower Basket Door Decor.
  5. Empty Picture Frame Door Decor.
  6. Quirky Wood Cut Out Door Decor.

What greenery do you use for a wreath?

Fresh greenery cut into 6–12″ sections—Pine, spruce, holly, cedar, magnolia—whatever makes your heart go pitter-patter. I like to use a mix of greenery from different trees around our property.

How do you make a peony wreath?

To make your peony wreath look full, create individual bundles of flowers and layer them around the wreath. Make each bundle by trimming stems of artificial peony branches to an equal length (about 3 inches) and group peonies together to form small bouquets.

What is a wreath of flowers called?

floral decoration. External Websites. Garland, a band, or chain, of flowers, foliage, and leaves; it may be joined at the ends to form a circle ( wreath ), worn on the head (chaplet), or draped in loops (festoon or swag).

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